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Chúng tôi xin thông báo: kể từ ngày 23/9/2015, mọi giao dịch sẽ chuyển sang địa chỉ: 447/23 Bình Trị Đông ( Đất Mới ) – Phường Bình Trị Đông A – Quận Bình Tân – TP. Hồ Chí Minh.


Đơn giá: 1.200.000 VNĐ
Số lượng: 

 Modul quang SFP Wintop tương thích với các Hãng Cisco, Alcatel, Zyxel, Huawei, Ericssion, Tp-link, Draytek, Netgear, D-link, HP, Linksys..v.v..


     The SFP transceiver supports dual data-rate of 1.25Gbps/1.0625Gbps and up to 120km transmission distance with single-mode fiber or 550m with multi-mode fiber.
     The transceiver consists of two sections: The transmitter section incorporates a FP or DFB laser. the receiver section consists of a PIN photodiode integrated with a trans-impedance preamplifier (TIA).
     All modules satisfy class I laser safety requirements. The optical output can be disabled by a TTL logic high-level input of Tx Disable.  Tx Fault indicates that degradation of the laser. Loss of signal (LOS) output indicates the loss of an input optical signal of receiver.
     The standard serial ID information compatible with SFP MSA describes the transceiver’s capabilities, standard interfaces, manufacturer and other information. The host equipment can access this information via the 2-wire serial bus. For more information, please refer to SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA)

SFP package with LC connector
550m transmission with multi-mode fiber 
Up to 120Km transmission with single-mode fiber
+3.3V single power supply
LVPECL compatible data input/output interface
Low EMI and excellent ESD protection
laser safety standard IEC-60825 compliant
Compatible with CE/RoHS

Ordering Information:

Part Number Data Rate Wavelength Distance Package Source
SFP (155M, LC without DDM)                                                                                              
WT-9110/MM/2/LC 155M 850 2KM SFP VSCEL+PIN
WT-9110/SM/20/LC 155M 1310 20KM SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/SM/40/LC 155M 1310 40KM SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/SM/60/LC 155M 1310 60KM SFP DFB+PIN
SFP (1.25G, LC without DDM)                                                                                              
 WT-9110G/MM/0.5/LC 1.25G 850 0.5KM SFP VSCEL+PIN
 WT-9110G/MM/2/LC 1.25G 1310 2KM SFP VSCEL+PIN
 WT-9110G/SM/20/LC 1.25G 1310 20KM SFP FP+PIN
 WT-9110G/SM/40/LC 1.25G 1310 40KM SFP FP+PIN
 WT-9110G/SM/60/LC 1.25G 1310 60KM SFP DFB+PIN
 WT-9110G/SM/80/LC 1.25G 1310 80KM SFP DFB+PIN
 WT-9110G/SM/100/LC 1.25G 1550 100KM SFP DFB+PIN
  WT-9110G/SM/120/LC  1.25G  1550      120KM SFP 
SFP (155M, LC ,BIDI without DDM)                                                                                              
WT-9110/BIDI/20A/LC 155M 1310/1550 20KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/BIDI/20B/LC 155M 1550/1310 20KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/BIDI/40A/LC 155M 1310/1550 40KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/BIDI/40B/LC 155M 1550/1310 40KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
SFP (1.25G, LC ,BIDI without DDM)                                                                                              
WT-9110G/BIDI/10A/LC 1.25G 1310/1550 10KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/10B/LC 1.25G 1550/1310 10KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/20A/LC 1.25G 1310/1550 20KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/20B/LC 1.25G 1550/1310 20KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/40A/LC 1.25G 1310/1550 40KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/40B/LC 1.25G 1550/1310 40KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
SFP (155M/1.25G SC,BIDI ) without DDM
WT-9110/BIDI/20A/SC 155M 1310/1550 20km BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/BIDI/20B/SC 155M 1550/1310 20km BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/BIDI/40A/SC 155M 1310/1550 40KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/BIDI/40B/SC 155M 1550/1310 40KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/20A/SC 1.25G 1310/1550 20KM BIDI SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/20B/SC 1.25G 1550/1310 20KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/40A/SC 1.25G 1310/1550 40KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/40B/SC 1.25G 1550/1310 40KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/60A/SC 1.25G 1310/1550 60KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/BIDI/60B/SC 1.25G 1550/1310 60KM BIDI SFP DFB+PIN
SFP 2.125G/2.5G/4G,LC without DDM)                                                                                              
WT-9110/2.5G/MM/0.3/LC 2.125G/2.5G 850 300M SFP VSCEL+PIN
WT-9110/2.5G/MM/2/LC 2.125G/2.5G 1310 2KM SFP FP+PIN
WT-9110/2.5G/SM/20/LC 2.125G/2.5G 1310 20KM SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110/2.5G/SM/40/LC 2.125G/2.5G 1310 40KM SFP DFB+APD
WT-9110/2.5G/SM/60/LC 2.125G/2.5G 1550 60KM SFP DFB+APD
WT-9110/2.5G/SM/80/LC 2.125G/2.5G 1550 80KM SFP DFB+APD
WT-9110/2.5G/SM/120/LC 2.125G/2.5G 1550 120KM SFP DFB+APD
WT-9110/4G/MM/0.5/LC 4.25G 850 500M SFP VSCEL+PIN
WT-9110/4G/MM/10/LC 4.25G 1310 10km SFP DFB+PIN
1000Base-T Copper SFP
WT-9110G/T 10/100/1000M --- 100M(UTP-5) Copper SFP ---
WT-9110G/T1000 1000M --- 100M (UTP-5) Copper SFP ---
WT-9110/T 10/100M --- 100M(UTP-5) Copper SFP ---
GBIC (1.25G)           
WT-9110G/GBIC/MM/0.5/LC 1.25G 850 500M GBIC VSCEL+PIN
WT-9110G/GBIC/SM/20KM/LC 1.25G 1310 20KM GBIC FP+PIN
WT-9110G/GBIC/SM/40KM/LC 1.25G 1310 40KM GBIC DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/GBIC/SM/80KM/LC 1.25G 1550 80KM GBIC DFB+PIN
CWDM SFP (1.25G/2.5G) without DDM, XX=27, 29, 31…61, which 27=1270nm, 29=1290nm, and 61=1610nm          
WT-9110G/CWDM/SM/80/LC 1.25G (1470-1610nm) 80km CWDM SFP DFB+PIN
WT-9110G/CWDM/SM/120/LC 1.25G (1470-1610nm) 120km CWDM SFP DFB+APD
WT-9110/CWDM/2.5G/SM/80/LC 2.5G (1470-1610nm) 80km CWDM SFP DFB+APD

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