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DT SHDSL C/S 800.1084.00-9

DT SHDSL C/S 800.1084.00-9
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Digitel NTU Applications

Besides using the DT SHDSL C/S NTU in connection with the Alcatel Mainstreet 3600 the NTU can be used in many other applications without the Mainstreet.

All the applications however involve transmission over twisted copper pairs to provide digital transport for a variety of data formats and data rates. The mode is G.SHDSL. The distances that this Technology can span without repeaters are dependent on the data rate.

The NTUs standalone or rack-mount are configured as master or slave.

Except for private networks the master unit is usually located at the central office and is usually a rack-mount model.

The slave unit is usually a stand-alone model.


In the simplest application this NTU is used point to point as a leased lineG.SHSDL modem 



Application Diagrams.



Point to point with 2 standalone units.



Example of  a point to point application using two standalone NTUs

A small office router communicates with the Central office router

over a G.SHDSL line and two DT SHDSL NTUs

The line could be a 2-wire or 4-wire line.

Maximum speed 11392 kbps.



Point to point  with one standalone unit and one Rack-mount central unit.

The central rack-mount unit can accommodate a maximum of 16 cards

which are a 100% compatible with the standalone NTU. The rack-mount

saves space.


Point to point with data & voice application.

DT SHDSL C used with the Mainstreet 3600.

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