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DrayTek VigorAP 800

DrayTek VigorAP 800
Đơn giá: 1.400.000 VNĐ
Số lượng: 

The DrayTek Vigor AP-800 is a standalone wireless access point, ideal for adding wireless connectivity to an existing LAN, or for expanding the range of an existing wireless LAN by using the WDS features. The DrayTek AP-800 can also operate in several other wireless modes to provide enlarged wireless coverage or wireless bridges to other parts of your LAN. Many different configurations are possible such as WDS Repeater, Bridge and Station Mode.

Image of the DrayTek AP-700 Wireless Access Point rear portsKey Features

  • Business-class 802.11n WLAN access point
  • PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) as standard
  • Dual isolated LAN interfaces
  • Detachable Antennas (Upgradable)
  • Wireless Encryption : WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • 802/11b/g Backward Compatible
  • Repeater/Bridge/Access Point/Station Modes
  • Wireless Client Isolation
  • Up to four distinct SSIDs (for VLANs)
  • MAC Address Filtering
  • Radius User/WPA Authentication
  • 802.1x User Authentication
  • WDS (Wireless Distribution System)
  • WMM (Wireless MultiMedia)
  • WPS - WiFi Protected Setup
  • Built-in Site Surveyor

Wireless Security
The DrayTek Vigor AP-800 features multiple levels of wireless security encryption using WEP, WPA, WPA2 (802.11i), you can also use the access control list (ACL) to specify the hardware addresses of client devices that are permitted to connect (by MAC hardware address) and refuse access to any unauthorised devices.

For additional user authentication, you can activate 802.1x RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service) which allows you centrally manage and store user names and passwords on a radius server which can permit time limited, temporary or continuous access to your clients as required.

WDS for unlimited coverage extendibility
The DrayTek Vigor AP-800 can extend a wireless signal over a large area (i.e Shopping Mall) by using its "WDS" functionality (wireless distribution system). WDS takes care of establishing a WLAN network using "point-to-point" and "point-to-multipoint" bridging and repeater modes. The repeater mode provides extended wireless access to additional clients where there is a relay AP signal from a base AP to distant clients. The bridge-to-bridge mode allows two wired networks to be connected across an increased distance.

WMM - WiFi Multimedia
The DrayTek AP-800 implements intelligent wireless traffic prioritisation for the most efficient management of wireless traffic, this is done by using the Wi-Fi Multimedia standard (WMM). WMM defines Quality of Service (QoS) in Wi-Fi networks. It is a precursor to the upcoming IEEE 802.11e WLAN QoS standard, intended to improve timing critical applications such as audio, video and voice applications over WiFi.

Dual-LAN & Multiple SSID
The DrayTek AP-800 can support two completely independent LANs; each is connected via its own independent RJ45 Ethernet interface. There are Ethernet RJ45 interfaces for LANA (4 ports) and LAN B (one port). These networks remain completely isolated from each other. Each LAN is assigned its own separate Wireless SSID so they remain separated even on the Wireless LAN. This is the equivalent of having two completely separate access points and ideal for public and private networks in the same location or wireless LANS for two separate companies.

Image of the DrayTek Vigor AP-800 Access Point multiple SSID functionality

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Support
The DrayTek AP-800 supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) as standard so if the AP-800 is connected to a PoE enabled Ethernet switch or PoE injector, you will not need any local power to the unit (power supply) - the DrayTek AP-800 will take its power from the Ethernet cable. This is ideal for situations where you do not have mains power available in the exact location where you want to install the AP-800 or just for general aesthetic neatness, perhaps where the AP-800 is installed somewhere prominent.

User Authentication (This feature is schedule for a future firmware upgrade.)
For additional security, wireless access can be restricted to authorised users only by use of a unique username and password for each user. This is in addition the encryption provided by WEP/WPA etc. When the user first opens their wireless connection, the DrayTek AP-800 will request their username/password and not permit access to the LAN or Internet without it.

The DrayTek AP-800 can use an external radius server to hold user credentials but also has its own built-in radius server to store up to 96 users. The DrayTek AP-800's built-in Radius server can also act as a server to additional devices (such as another AP-700, meaning that you don't need to set up the same users up on several units).

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